Dastan&Kahlan | now&then

It's my last huge project before I'm going in my long summer hiatus.
I hope you like my vid :D
ehm... yeah...
I'm trying to put the whole epic love story ( ;D) about dastan&kahlan in our century...
It's pure craziness... I know it xD But I love the idea..
There are 2 stories in this vid :D
Dastan&Kahlan (for sure)
AND... the girl and her best friend :D

The storylines are connected..

Explanation the characters:

Nina Dobrev = Now!Kahlan (she hasn't a name in my vid :D)
Jake Gyllenhaal = Now!Dastan (girls best friend and her secret love.. he hasn't a name too :D)
Bridget Regan= Kahlan
Jake Gyllenhaal (PoP) = Dastan :D
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Multifandom | Everybody loves me

Yay, our first video finally arrived! Please, make sure to check everyones page! I personally thank all the members for joining and working really hard!

As you know, each video is someone's idea, so here it goes! Enjoy!!!

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